video commerce

Video Commerce Platform

"Revenue Increase 5 ~ 7 Times"

- Joyus.com

Interrupts buyer's attention from ads.

Confuse buyer
Display of the unrelated videos at the end of the main watched video.

Low speed
Loading time is too slow if you use several videos

Can't make modal viewing
Limited usage of the videos with "iframe" from YouTube.

Fixed YouTube video size
Video size,width and height, is inconvenient to fit on mobile or website.

Can't use for selling products
I wanna play only the “Famous Creator's video” for video commerce.
I wanna play only the "Video's specific timeline" for product advertisement.

Various video shapes
Landscape, Vertical and Square type.
"iframe" is very restricted to play videos, non-flexible size.

Copy this code and Paste it into your webpage

Compare to YouTube videos using iframe


  • Use iframe
  • with embed in YouTube
  • for starter

  • Generate codes


  • Analyze video views
  • YouTube videos
  • for a shopping mall

  • Modal Videos


  • Analyze video views
  • for domestic shopping mall
  • Multi-shopping mall

  • Modal Videos


  • Analyze video views
  • Service videos by client's language
  • for China and USA market
  • Global Shopping Mall

  • Global Modal Videos

Monthly / without 10% VAT

Pricing for Streaming Service
Video Service Management


  • Storage: 1G
  • Bandwidth: 1G a day
  • Analyze video usage


  • Storage: 1G
  • Bandwidth: 1G a day
  • Analyze video usage


  • Storage: 1G
  • Bandwidth: 1G a day
  • Analyze video usage
  • Detect buyer's location and language / Change the streaming videos automatically via system detection
  • Manage client's videos - distribute, upload, update / Compute the usage videos
  • Analyze Big Data / Compute the usage videos
  • Over traffic: $0.015 per 1G / Over storage: $4 per 1G
  • No installment fee / 10% Discount for 1 year payment.

Without 10% monthly VAT

YouTube iframe(beginner)

Gen. code for free

WannaVi Multi iframe

Gen. code for free

Global WannaVi

Gen code for free