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Matching Platform

Matching Platform

Manufacturers / Shopping Mall Merchants
Global Creators

Request a video production

Reviews, Demos, Promotional Videos

Commitment to product promotion campaign

New Product Release, Product Rating

Promotion Request

Product Promotions, Events

Creator Sponsorship

Product Sponsorship

Performance Measurement, Big Data Analysis
- Bidding
- CPC(Click Per Cost)
- Fixed billing settlement

Sponsorship Request

Reviews, Demos, Promotional Videos

Video production

Sponsorship requirement videos

Video Marketing

Creator's Social Media - Youtube, Instagram, Blog

Video Commerce Support

Link to the shopping mall

Matching Sponosors

Wannavi is working on matching vloggers and sponsors.
Sponosors need the vloggersm and vice versa.
Produce the product review videos.

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Looking for the sponsors

Do not worry about failing to match.
You first make a one or two minutes the review video.
Wannavier will match with the sponsor.

Create a review video with your existed product.

Support K-Beauty Products

Have you ever been worried because you do not have enough money to make a video?
The financial burden of purchasing cosmetics for video production is huge.
Wannavier offers K-Beauty products at an exceptional price. must to open for wannavier only.

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Support marketing

Want to be a star creator?
Make a lot of channels so people can reach you.
The successed vloggers have many social media account.

We will make your mobile app in free.

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On-Off line Shopping Mall

Have you ever intrduced a really good product to others while making a review video?
Start your business with the best items. There will be a amazing effect.
Wannavi offers K-Beauty products at an affordable price, helping you to be builded the online shopping mall and sales know-how.

Wannavi supports your K-Beauty sales business.

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