Video Commerce Marketing

"Revenue Increase 5 ~ 7 Times"

- Joyus.com

Video Commerce & Marketing

Video is an integral part of an effective ecommerce marketing strategy.
Not only does it lead to higher average order value (AOV) and increased conversions.

Advantages of Video Commerce

1. Consumers stay longer on pages with videos
    Product pages enhanced with videos see a lift in session duration of 340%
2. Visitors browse more on ecommerce sites with videos
    Videos contribute to an increase of 127% in pages viewed per session on ecommerce sites
3. Videos help improve conversion rate
    Product pages with videos see 37% more add-to-cart conversions than pages without videos
4. Videos help boost consumer confidence
    45% of consumers would re-visit online retailers if they have product videos on their pages
5. Videos help attract more traffic
    Pages with video content see an increase of 157% in organic traffic from search engines

Disadvantages of Video Commerce

1. High Initial Cost and Human resources
2. SMCs are not easy to make videos
3. Difficult to improve the made video for marketing
4. Restrict to play videos that have various video type and size
5. No flexible video size on PC or Mobile
6. Not easy to service for foriegn languagae

Set Multi-channel to be accessed in a shopping mall website.
- Utilize creator's social media -

Configuration of the Video Commerce Marketing

Multi-review-videos of Creators
- Global Creator's video by languagae -

Utilize creator's social media
- various channel to be accessed to in a shopping mall -

Link and product explanation in the video.
- Access link -

Search product in Google
- Keyword marketing and SEO-

Performance Measurement
- Marketing Data -

CPC (Click Per Cost)
- Mininum cost maxium effect -