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Video Commerce Platform

"Revenue Increase 5 ~ 7 Times"


Video Commerce Platform
Generalize Video Commerce

  • Matching

    Sponsors and vloggers

  • Make Videos

    Product videos

  • Launch & Play

    Shopping mall videos

  • Payment

    CPC (Click per Cost)

  • VC Marketing

    SEO & Keyword

  • Player

    Flexible video player

  • Performance

    Evaluation & measurement data

  • Global VC

    Change videos by client's language automatically

Matching global creators

  • Request to produce videos
  • Request for sponsorship
  • Minimalized initial cost for making product video
  • CPC (Click Per Cost), Fixed Payment
  • Korea/Japan/Indonesia/Philippines/Thailand/Vietnam etc.

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Flexible Video Player

  • Play videos from independent devices (PC, Mobile, Pad)
  • Play videos in different shapes like landscape, vertical and square
  • Play videos from YouTube, Instagram or own server
  • Play videos by a client's language
  • Generate video codes

Video Player

Video Commerce Marketing

  • Big Data Analysis
  • Analyse buyer's behavior on sponsored YouTube creators
  • Performance evaluation and measurement
  • SEO, Keyword with Google search, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  • Video Commerce Promotion with vloggers

VC Marketing

Video Commerce Education

  • [Introduction] Video Commerce Trend & Benefits
  • [Case study] The successful VC companies
  • [Practice] Adapt VC into my shopping mall
  • [Performance] Raise the revenues over 2 times
  • [Video] Connect and make videos with vloggers


Video Commerce Marketing

An integral part of an effective e-commerce marketing strategy
that leads to higher average order value (AOV) and increased conversions.

Advantages of Video Commerce

1. Consumers stay longer on pages with videos
2. Visitors browse more on e-commerce sites with videos
3. Videos help improve conversion rate
4. Videos help boost consumer confidence
5. Videos help attract more traffic

Product Demo Video

Product videos give potential buyers more insight into the products they are thinking about purchasing. A product demo is a demonstration of how a product actually works.
This is great for products that are more of an experience for the consumer.

How-to Explain Videos

An explainer or About Us video, rather than being about specific products, is about your business as a whole.

Comparison Videos

This comparison video is effective because it zones in on all of the features that set each product apart, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

Testimonials or Review Video

According to a recent study, the fashion industry experienced a 134% increase in conversions by including review videos on their product pages.

"WannaVideo" Procedure enable your dream solution into reality.
Powerful, fast, secure and easy to use high technology with minimal cost.

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